Music, Chronological List of Titles

This list is abridged and in reverse chronological order. It does not include arrangements and incidental music, community pieces and some others, many of which have been withdrawn.
* = incomplete

*D.H.Lawrence in Australia (provisional title) (2006, ff), 90 minutes
Music theatre to a text by William Fitzwater
For four singers, two dancers and instrumental ensemble:
2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, contrabass, keyboard, one percussion and computer effects

Mr McPhee’s Music Boxes (2007), 4 minutes
For three amplified toy pianos
Program Notes

Freycinet Fanfare I (2005), 4 minutes
For orchestra, with two antiphonal didgeridoos

Freycinet Fanfare II (2005), 2 minutes
For trombone octet (7 tenors + 1 bass)

Gauguin in Paradise – The Gold on Their Bodies (2004), 28 minutes
Text by Paul Kavanagh
for tenor voice, violin, cello and piano/electronic keyboard
Program Notes

Northern Lights [July 1999]
Community composition for narrator, mixed ensembles, brass band, organ
• i. The Summoning of the Sun, 5 minutes
for drumming ensemble
Program Notes

Commonwealth Music [January 1999]
Ceremonial music for the Commonwealth Institute, London
For 20 cellos, 17 brass [8 trumpets, 4 French horns, 4 trombones, 2 tubas],
4 percussion, timpani, and sundry solo instruments from British Commonwealth countries
• i. Commonwealth Prelude, 3 minutes
• ii. Symphony 21, 10 minutes

*Cargo Cult [January 1999], 15 minutes
For solo piano

The Little People of Mount Rainier [December 1998], 5+ minutes
For solo piccolo, with any number of other piccolos, live or pre-recorded

*Tripods [October 1998], 20 minutes
Three portraits for violin, clarinet and piano
Program Notes

Requiem [1994; revised 1997], 20 minutes
For unaccompanied six-part chorus
Program Notes
 see also Funereal Rites [1994], revisions of a capella Latin movements

Denmark Vesey Takes the Stand [October 1996; revised January 1997], 42 minutes
Music Theater for solo tenor singer-actor and small ensemble :
Clarinet{s}, viola, cello, keyboards [one player] and tape
Program Notes

Florilegium III [1992/January 1997], 20 minutes
Concertino for solo clarinet[s] and small ensemble :
Flute, piano, violin, viola, cello
With optional narration, 24 minutes

Paradise Found [1995], 5 minutes
A motet-anthem for unaccompanied choir

A Summer in Spillville [1995], 8 minutes
For solo viola and 7 other violas, live or pre-recorded
 See also Florilegium I, second movement

Mr Gershwin Returns Again to Folly Pier [1995-98], 8-9 minutes
For solo alto saxophone OR clarinet and small orchestra:
2222-2221 - timpani, 2 percussion, piano - strings
Program Notes

Mr Gershwin Returns to Folly Pier [1996], 6 minutes
For solo clarinets and small ensemble : flute, piano, violin, viola, cello
Program Notes
 See also Florilegium III, third movement

Mr Gershwin on Folly Pier [February 1995], 8-9 minutes
For solo alto/soprano saxophone and saxophone octet, live or pre-recorded
Program Notes

Cartographies [1994], 15 minutes
Three setting of texts by Rita Dove for unaccompanied youth chorus

Funereal Rites [April 1994], 55 minutes
Music Theater based on the Latin Requiem Mass,with additional texts by the composer
For six solo voices and piano
see also Requiem [1997]

Louisa Lawson's Songbook [1994-98], 25 minutes
Six songs for soprano voice and piano

Suite from the ballet, Louisa [1993-97], 20 minutes
Excerpts from the ballet, for small orchestra :
2222 - 2200 - harp, percussion/timpani - strings

Florilegium II [1992], 20 minutes
Chamber concertino for solo marimba and small ensemble: Flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello
With optional narration, 24 minutes
Program Notes

Florilegium I [1992; revised 1997], 20 minutes
Chamber concertino for solo viola and small ensemble :
Flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello
With optional narration, 24 minutes
see also A Summer in Spillville [1997]

Barcaldine [October 1992], 8-9 minutes
For solo cello and seven other cellos, live or pre-recorded
Program Notes
see also The Bush Begins to Speak [1992, under Radiophonic Works]

Concord/Eendracht [1990; revised 1991], 20 minutes
A second "orchestral voyage" for medium-sized orchestra
3333-4331- timpani, 2 percussion, harp, piano, strings

SkyFire [1989; revised 1991], 20 minutes
Music Theater/Mime for bowed piano ensemble, 10 players
Program Notes

The Ludlow Lullabies [1989], 11 minutes
For violin and piano
Program Notes

Andrew Torning's March to Victory [1988-89], 40 minutes
An entertainment for singers, actors, chorus and instruments

The Warrant of Henry Lawson [November 1988], 20 minutes
A song cycle.scena, for baritone voice and piano

Metropolis : Sydney [January 1988], 56 minutes 15 seconds
A radiophonic portrait of Sydney, on the eve of the Australian Bicentenary

The Muse of Fire [October 1987], 55 minutes
A Fiery Pageant for narrator, choruses and brass bands

The Wakefield Chronicles [March 1986], 55 minutes
A Pageant for Narrator and Ensembles, in nine movements
For narrator, solo trumpet, solo trombone, solo organ, brass quintet, percussion quartet,
2 brass bands, massed winds, tower bells and handbell choir
The Wakefield Chorales [1985], 8 minutes
Three movements for brass band
The Wakefield Convocation [1985], 6 minutes
For brass quintet : 2 trumpets, French horn, tenor trombone, tuba
The Wakefield Invocation [1981; revised 1985], 7 minutes
For trumpet and organ
The Wakefield Intrada [1986], 3 minutes
For solo organ
Helices [1985], 7 minutes
For percussion quartet, widely separated

Pacifica [1986; revised 1987], 27 minutes
First orchestral voyage for large orchestra :
3333 - 4441 - timpani, 4 percussion, harp, piano - strings
Program Notes

Franz Liszt Sleeps Alone [March 1985], 4 minutes
A nocturne for solo piano
With optional text to be spoken by the pianist, whilst performing

All Ears [1985], 10 minutes 5 seconds
Radiophonic composition for vocal ensemble

Letters from the Antipodes [1984], 30 minutes
Six English Reflections on Colonial Australia
for mixed chorus and piano

FireRaisers [1984], 17 minutes
A Concertino in the Style of a Vaudeville Entertainment
for solo trumpet and small ensemble :
flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano, accordion, percussion, string quartet

The Plaint of Mary Gilmore [1984], 40 minutes
Twelve songs for mezzosoprano voice and piano/speaker

Gallipoli Sunrise [1984], 8 minutes
For solo tenor trombone, and seven other trombones, live or pre-recorded

Facing the Danger [1982], 9 minutes
An Anti-Nuclear Warning for any voice[s] and instrument[s]
Program Notes

On Shooting Stars - Homage to Victor Jara [September 1981], 15 minutes
For small mixed ensemble and domestic cassette recorder/players:
Flute, clarinet, piano, one percussion, violin, cello
Program Notes

The Hymn of the Winstanley Levellers [April 1981], 9 minutes
For solo SATB quartet and SATB chorus
Program Notes

Bakery Hill Rising [1980], 11 minutes
For solo French horn, and eight other horns, live or pre-recorded
Program Notes

Stevie's Wonder Music [1979], 6 minutes 35 seconds
For solo flute, with pre-recorded flute sounds

The Maitland and Morpeth String Quartet [1979; revised 1980], 45 minutes
For solo narrator and string quartet
 see also the confection for radio with text by Nicolas Enright

Chrysalis [1977-78; revised 1980], 15 minutes
For solo organ

Australian Folksongs [1977; revised 1978], 45 minutes
A Music-Theatre Piece in Celebration of Australia's Colonial History & Folk Heritage
for solo baritone singer-actor and small ensemble, singing and acting :
flute, clarinet, one percussion, piano/harmonium, violin, cello

Encompassings [1975], 15 minutes
For solo organ, with assistant

Chu no mai [1974; revised 1976], 12 minutes
for solo flute
Program Notes

Magnificat [1970], 9 minutes
For solo flute, solo soprano and three vocal quartets [each SATB]